battery powered electric lawn mowers: comfort to use

battery powered electric lawn mowers

battery powered electric lawn mower

battery powered electric lawn mowers are used for cutting the grass and small trees of their lawn and making them in shape. Many types of lawnmowers are on the market. Battery powered lawnmowers are electric mowers which run on rechargeable batteries.

They generally come with 2 types of batteries-6 volt and 12 volt-depending upon their size and capacity. The electric lawnmowers which run with the help of mains electricity are attached to the power point with cords.

It becomes a very trouble to manage those long cords while mowing and the length of the cord also becomes a limitation. Battery powered lawnmowers are cordless mowers which start with the help of a switch, so there is no cumbersome pull cord system involved.

Suite for small lawns :

These lawn mowers are most ideally suited for smaller lawns of size 1/3 acre or less. These are not suited for bigger lawns as the batteries will have to be recharged again and again for mowing the complete lawn. It is also advisable to use these mowers for lawns where regular mowing is done as they are not suited for long grass as it puts lots of strain on the battery.

Various types :

This battery powered lawn mowers are available in various types such as-

# The walk behind push mower,

The push mower is for very small lawns with flat terrain.

## The self-propelled walk behind mower,

The self-propelled one is for medium-sized lawns with some slopes and hilly terrain,

 ### The riding mower.

The riding mowers are best suited for larger lawns

Now we know the certain reasons for choosing a battery powered lawnmower over a gasoline-fueled lawn mower.

Economical :

The main one is the economy. Battery powered lawn mowers have low running cost as batteries can be recharged and used again and again, whereas for gasoline powered lawnmowers you have to pay for gasoline every time you refuel your mower, which also becomes very expensive.

Less pollution  :

The battery-powered mowers are also quieter and do not pollute much as compared to other mowers. These mowers also come with an option for leaf removal and grass mulching and bagging.

Disadvantages :

**  The battery-powered mowers are not suitable for bigger lawns of more than 1/3 acres as the batteries have to be recharged again and again before the whole lawn is mowed.

** There is always a chance of the charge getting exhausted in between mowing job as the batteries do not remain charged for very long.

** These mowers are also less advisable for long grass or wet grass as it puts a strain on the batteries of the mower.

** The batteries also need to be replaced occasionally and are heavier than the normal electric mowers.

If you have a small compact lawn and keep it mowed regularly then Battery powered lawnmowers are the best choice for you. Do some research online before choosing the one that best suits your needs.