7 Top rated and best selling lawn mower brands !!

best selling lawn mower brands

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whenever any lawn mower can cut the grass, not all the mowers can provide the same price for bucks. Only a few lawn mowers in the market come with high-quality gadgets that can last years, have durable engines, and deliver high performance. It is often best to check out the track record of the best selling lawn mower brands over the years, to get the best value for money.

 1.Toro :

Toro is a manufacturer of industrial equipment for irrigation, landscape maintenance, construction, and so on. They are renowned for quality equipment all over the world. Naturally, they have a repository of a wide variety of lawn mowers, both for domestic as well as commercial use.

The Brand Toro is synonymous with high quality, durable, and reliable equipment. With over a century of its existence, Toro has developed a strong reputation for itself. Not to mention the excellent customer support the company provides, if and when the customers have any issues with their equipment.  Toro products have been consistently rated high by its customers all over the world.

2. Husqvarna :

Husqvarna originally started as a rifle manufacturer in the late seventeenth century and has been in lawn mower business since 1919. Over the years, Husqvarna has steadily produced some of the most powerful and reliable lawn mowers for both domestic as well as commercial use.

All their products are covered by the brand’s free limited technical support, which is among the best in the industry. Whether it is a push lawn mower or a tractor lawn mower, there are very few brands in the market that can compete with Its reliability, and performance.

3. Lawn Boy :

Lawn Boy has been manufacturing lawn mowers from the time before World War II. Two core values that all the lawn mowers from this company incorporate are convenience and efficiency. Although they are not the most powerful lawn mowers on the market, they surely deliver the best value for money. Because of this, the brand has become a backyard icon in the American households.

In the recent years, since the acquisition of Lawn Boy by Toro, the company has expanded its product line, and now offers a much bigger range of products to the customers. Most of Lawn Boy products are easy to set up and use too.

4. Poulan :

Poulan is one of the most reputed manufacturers of landscaping and outdoor equipment. It brings its decades’ worth of experience in building industrial grade equipment to its lawn mower business. The results are powerful machines that deliver high performance.

Poulan products are competitively priced and are often much lower than their peers for the same level of performance. Moreover, Poulan only incorporates branded parts in its products, including engines, blades, and so on.

Therefore, there is no question of the quality either. Overall, Poulan products are affordably priced and perform efficiently just like they promise to.

5. Green Works :

GreenWorks is one of the most affordable brands in the lawnmower industry. Many of their electric lawn mowers are consistently rated among the best performing lawn mowers in their category. Not to mention, all their products deliver great value for money.

As an outdoor equipment manufacturer, It is a well-reputed name in the field, and it is easy to understand why. It is typical of GreenWorks products to be as valuable as those products that are twice as expensive as them. High-performance equipment, responsive customer support, and reliable machines have pushed the GreenWorks product sales in America for years.

6. Snow Joe :

Under the two brand names, Snow Joe and Sun Joe, the company supplies a range of quality outdoor equipment that includes lawn mowers tillers, snow blowers, and so on.

The manufacturer is only a decade old, and it is the testimony to its exceptional quality of products that the brand has already won lifetime fans throughout America.

Snow Joe showed that high quality does not always demand high prices. Even with a powerful engine, and durable parts, Snow Joe lawn mowers are competitively priced, making the brand an early success. By investing in innovative products, Snow Joe has managed to meet every need of its customers, at a price desired by the buyers.

7. Worx :

Worx is a line of outdoor equipment manufactured and supplied by the Chinese company, Positec Tool Corporation. The globally distributed supply chain allows the manufacturer to produce remarkably high-quality products, and deliver them to customers at affordable prices.

Worx deals in some of the best electric lawn mowers – both corded and battery operated.  Worx products have been awarded a number of awards. Despite their electric engines, the lawn mowers are quite powerful and manage to exceed the customers’ expectations. They need little maintenance such as a yearly blade sharpening, and they are good to go, making them easy to use.