How to choose the best riding lawn mower for the money

Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-InchIf you’ve got a land as  half an acre or more to mow, you’d better think about buying yourself a riding lawn mower, also known popularly as a lawn could have a grand get together at the outdoor space and everyone complimented you for your lawn!

While buying a riding lawnmower you should keep the point below in your mind –

  • The deck size :  Remind that the larger the deck, the quicker it is to get the job done as the cutting swath will be wider.So look out for a deck that’s a size 38- 42 inches. The size of the deck reflects the lawnmower blades size.
  • Obstacles :      halk out a blueprint of all the obstacles in your yard. You should ideally choose a deck size based on those obstacles. A wide deck is always good, but then if you have a lot of trees you will have to keep going back and use a regular mower to mow between those trees. Therefore, it is advised you plan well.
  • Parking space : A riding lawn mower isn’t tiny in size! Therefore, keep in mind that you will need space big enough to store the lawn mower.
  • Engine position :  you can have one that has an engine up front or a lawn mower with an engine at the back. Riding lawn mowers that give clearer front visibility are the ones that have an engine at the rear. The lawn mowers that have an engine up front are way more powerful mowers.
  • feel free to question the sales staff to brief you properly on speed control system.
  • There will be a clutch and brake combination and a gear lever, hydro-static system to drive without the clutch or foot-pedal controls.
  • You need to sit back and mull over what mowing in your lawn will majorly consist of. Will it be mulching, bagging or tossing clippings out to the side? Pay attention to how difficult it will be to switch between modes and if you’ll need any additional accessories.
Feel free to take a ride and see how easily you’re able to break and steer the riding lawn mower.

Also check  –

  • The wideness of the turning circle.
  • The easiness of adjust the cutting height.
  • Leg space.
  • The gas tank position.
  • how easy is it to use and reach the controls,
  • how to remove the bag, etc.