black and decker cordless mowers : an energy saver

black and decker cordless mowers

black and decker cordless mower

Spending quality time in the yard with family and friends is not only great but also very relaxing. A yard is an important part of any home and hence, it is important to ensure that it is well-maintained.

Long grass makes your house look abandoned, and it also creates room for pests and other things that make the place unattractive.

With, you can keep the grass short and make your yard the best place to be outside your house.

Selecting the right lawn mower can be troublesome. This is why I have reviewed one of the best machines that you can find on the market that cuts grass pretty well.

The Black & Decker Spcm1936 is a machine that you need to add in your home maintenance tools. The lawn mower has a nice design and it is very easy for anybody to cut grass using the mower.

Ease of Use :

Nobody wants a machine that will be difficult to use when you want to reduce the size of the grass around the lawn.

This mower is very easy to use. You just need to engage the safety devices and you are good to start the job.

On top of that, it is self-propelled making it very easy to move around. You can set the right setting for cutting from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

Noise Level :

Imagine having a lawn mower that is very loud such that everybody in the neighborhood is aware that you are cutting grassĀ  !!

Black and Decker have ensured the machine runs very silently. You can cut your grass confidently without worrying of irritating noise.

Safety :

This is a mower that has been made by experts. The model requires a safety key and the bail handle requires to be pushed up in order to start the machine.

Again, the motor and blades turn off within a few seconds when the bail handle is released. Additionally, the front wheels automatically lock anytime the self-propel is turned off while the motor has stopped. This prevents the machine from rolling ways.

Adjustment :

This lawn mower features a one-touch height adjustment meaning that you can quickly alter the cutting height of all the four wheels simultaneously. You just need to pull a single lever and the height is perfectly adjusted.

Storage :

Unlike other traditional lawn mowers, this model is very easy to store. It can be folded for upright and compact storage when it is not in use.

This makes it very easy to store in your garage or shed, especially if you have limited storage space.

Feature at a glance :

  • Delivers the power to cut up to 1/3 acre
  • Variable Speed Self-Propelled System
  • 36-Volt Removable Battery lifts out to charge anywhere
  • Instant start every time with the push of a button

Pros :

  • The self-propelled power runs for up to 60 minutes
  • The removable battery lifts up so you can charge it anywhere
  • The variable propelled system adjusts according to your space
  • It is an energy efficient mower
  • Provides a great handling
  • Provides the best cutting results

Cons :

  • This mower is very heavy
  • Uneven cutting performance

Frequently Asked Questions::

Q: Does this lawn mower come with a battery included?

A: Absolutely. It has a 36 Volt battery and the charger is also included. It is important to charge the battery fully before the first use.

Q: I am looking for a new battery. How much money am I likely to spend?

A: I purchased a replacement battery sometimes back. It cost around $125 but you can check the current price on Amazon.

Q: Is there any assembly that I need to do with this mower? I am looking for a machine that is easy to put together as well store. ?

A: You just need some few things. Personally, I installed 2 bolts that hold the handle.

Final Verdict :

For such a high performing machine, this machine is worth spending your money on. It is designed to provide durability so you can use it for many years to come. It is easy to handle and the final results will impress you.

Owning this machine will give you the key to maintain your lawn to its best all the time. Moreover, it is important to learn how to use the self-driven bail handle in order to maximize the mower and battery performance.