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cordless lawnmowers

cordless lawnmower

The cordless lawnmowers are a machine which are not connected to a mains power supply by wire. Earlier lawnmowers were driven manually but now they are often driven by electric power, and now they can be powered by electricity from a battery.

Common features of cordless lawnmowers :

Due to light-weight and totally cordless systems, mowing has become more fun and  less expensive. This revolutionary product, the cordless lawnmower, has changed the way people mow their lawns and perform lawn care.

As with most lawnmowers, cordless lawnmowers have rubber tires, side discharge chute, and a safety on/off switch on the motor and activation lever. But the similarities with corded lawnmowers end there, and there are many advantages of cordless mower over other types of mowers.

Safe :

Cordless lawnmowers are safer to use because the users do not have to face the problem of entangled cords, so there is no chance of getting an electric shock if the power cord is not in proper shape, is defective, or is accidentally cut while mowing.

Easy to use :

Cordless lawnmowers are easy to use because unlike a gasoline mower they do not need manual power to start the mower, with the possibilities of straining the hands and fingers of the user. You can simply start the mower by squeezing the hand grip and pushing a button.

Cost effective :

Hence they do not need much physical effort. As they are run by battery they have no messy gasoline or other noxious fumes, which makes them great for mowing in the city and suburban yards. The cost of a battery-recharge is often much less than filling a petrol mower . Thus a cordless mower can be cost effective too. All this means that these lawnmowers are comfortable to use physically and economically.

Heavy and take  long time to recharge :

However, due to the weight of the batteries, these battery-operated lawnmowers can be very heavy. Moreover, the extra weight causes extra power consumption. Although the batteries aren’t expensive to recharge, they can need 16-18 hours to recharge fully, which is a quite a long time. So it is necessary for the user to keep an additional set of batteries to ensure there is always power.

for smaller lawn :

And due to the non-availability of larger cordless lawnmowers caused by low demand in the market, cordless lawnmowers tend to be on the small size and can only be used for smaller lawns.

conclusion :

 A cordless lawnmower can perform well only in small lawns. Also as you make your choice do ask the seller to give you all the necessary details about your mower, including details of its battery life, battery power, and the recharging requirements.

Hence you can opt for cordless lawnmower if you want a neat lawn mower for your garden. With the chords out of way, these mowers are great aesthetically and are convenient to use. Just ensure you do some decent research, especially online, in order to check what is available and the price you can expect to pay.