cylinder lawn mower reviews

A cylinder lawn mower reviews will aware you  if you want a perfect finish to your lawn. The result will be well-manicured and the roller will give the striped finish much prized by green-keepers everywhere.

cylinder lawn mower reviews

Cylinder Mower

How do they work?
Remember that old push along grass cutters that used to nearly break your back trying to mow the lawn?

They all had a rotating cylinder of blades and this is the principle of the modern cylinder mower – except of course that nowadays, they are powered and much easier to use.
The cutting mechanism is described as a scissor action. Rotating blades cut against a fixed blade cutting the grass between the two blades as the cylinder is propelled forward. There are now some models where the blades pass very close to each other without actually touching. This is called a ‘contact-free’ system.

This scissor action gives a crisp, clean cut which results in a very neat finish. The rotating cylinder can be set to cut the grass shorter than a rotary mower, right down to a height of only 6mm about 1/8”. The maximum length for grass to be cut to is 40mm, about 1.5”.

Features :

  • Professional green-keepers use a cylinder mower with a heavy rear roller to give a better-striped effect.
  • Cuts your lawn to a smooth, fine surface.
  • Cylinder width up to 24” on Petrol models.
  • Can be push-along or self-propelled.
  • Option to replace the cylinder with a scarifier to make a dual purpose machine (option only available on some models).
  • Key start instead of Pull-cord available on some models.
Not suitable if the area of grass you need to cut is on rough, uneven ground. This could cause damage to the blades if they ground on a stone. They are also unsuitable if the grass is long and wet

Top Brands :

There is not such a wide choice of cylinder petrol lawnmowers as would be if you wanted a rotary petrol lawnmower. The top Brand Names in Cylinder Lawnmowers are Suffolk Punch, Atco, Hayter, and Qualcast.