electric lawn mower vs gas lawn mower

When you are hunting for a lawn mower, then it is possible you might be torn between an electric lawn mower vs gas, although their object is the same, the two types are vastly different machines. Each type has their own sets of pros and cons, which you should consider before making your purchasing decision. Have a clear knowledge of what are your needs and then purchase a mower that exactly meets those needs. For that, we will compare both the mower types, so that you can have an outlook on the products.


electric lawn mower vs gas :

electric lawn mower vs gas

gas vs electric lawn mower

the electric power may not be a good resource. A battery operated electric mower needs to recharge the battery again and again. Further, every recharge gives it only a limited amount of time to mow the lawn. On the other hand, a corded model of an electric mower will have fixed length cord, and you would be required to stay close to a power outlet for the sake of keeping the mower plugged in and working. Another problem faced with the corded model is that it may get caught in between the trees, stones, and other structures in the yard.

A gas mower is the better option when it comes to lawns that are either big or have many obstacles. It does not require any power outlets or frequent battery exchanges. If they have the self-propel function, then it makes it very easy for the operator to push it across the yard or the lawn with the help of its self-propelling option. Moreover, gas lawn mowers pack a lot more power than electric ones. They can cut through tall grass and even twigs and other debris in the lawn. They can be easily maneuvered around obstacles and are the most convenient to use.

Environmental Impact :

We are well aware that the emissions that are released from the machines are harming the environment in an irreparable manner. A gas mower contributes much to those emissions. The pollutants emitted by the gas mower not only harm the environment but can also affect the health of the person who is operating the mower. However, some newly introduced gas models have lower emission levels and through proper maintenance, you can always reduce the number of pollutants produced by the machines. That being said, they still continue to emit the harmful chemicals.

In an Electric mower, on the other hand, there is no gas combustion involved, which makes it less harmful to the operator and the environment. The use of electric mowers only minimizes the pollution generated by humans. If we take this into consideration, the electric mower clearly seems like a better option.

Noise :

gas lawn mower

gas lawn mower

A gas mower can have a decibel level as high as 106 dB. On the contrary, an electric mower does not produce much sound. Research suggests that humans should not come into contact with noises higher than 85 decibels, as it can cause permanent hearing damage. It will be more beneficial for you as an operator to use an electric mower. There would also be fewer complaints from the neighbors when you are using a quieter electric mower. You can easily maintain your lawn without disrupting the neighbors with a loud lawnmower. Apart from these, a noisy gas mower also limits how late in the evening or early in the morning you are able to mow. When you are using an electric lawn mower, you need not worry about disturbing your neighbors’ sleep early in the morning or late at night.

Ease of Use :

Most gas mowers are powerful enough to have a self-propel function, which is good as the operator does not have to push the machine. However, some do not have this feature and require some efforts from the operator. Similar is the case with corded electric mowers. Some of them have the self-propel function, while others don’t. The real deal lies with some of the programmable battery operated lawn mowers. They can be programmed to mow the lawn and be completely forgotten about. They will mow as per their instructions, and will automatically return to their charging stations for recharging. Then mow the lawn again. The only downside is that they are suited for lawns with no obstacles. For lawns with obstacles, gas mowers are the best option as they have the most portability.