fastest pattern to mow the lawn I

fastest pattern to mow the lawn

pattern to mow the lawn

Everyone loves patches of fresh green grass around their homes. A touch of nature not only increases the scenic appeal of the house but also beautifies the entire compound. Dewy fresh grass impresses your visitors and makes you a subject of admiration among your neighbors. Fastest pattern to mow the lawn helps you to save your time.

Health benefits:

Greenery is also beneficial for both our mental and physical health. A study by Professor Frances Kuo has proven that living in green spaces can:

# Reduce the chances of clinical depression and anxiety.

## Increase stamina and energy for physical activities.

### Have a positive effect on your immune system.

Land-mowing as a task:

In spite of all its advantages, we all agree that maintaining and mowing overgrown grass is something we dread doing. It is not only boring but also highly time-consuming.

Thanks to the technological advancement in machines we have both manual and electronic land mowers, and yet it is still not my favorite way of spending time.

I realized that I might not be the only one who might be facing this issue and so I decided to find out the easiest and fastest grass patterns that I can mow using my very own land mower. After I completed my research, I compiled a list of patterns that will make your life easier.

The mowing process:

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the shape and size of your landscape. You simply cannot use a simple row pattern when your land is oval or circular in shape and vice versa.

Before you start the tedious job of mowing, you need to decide which direction you will mow it. If your lawn’s-

*Width is more than length, you should mow lengthwise.

**Length is more than width, you should mow breadth-wise.

***Shape is that of a square, then you can start from any direction.

In the last case, you should remember to overlap the rows to reduce the chances of leaving any spot unmowed.

Following these instructions will reduce the number of turns you will need to mow your entire lawn and help you finish the job faster.

You should also keep a note of the landscaping objects available to you- trees, decorative mushrooms, garden goblins or a simple flower bed. They may prove to be a boon or a bane depending on the pattern you choose.

Patterns to try:

  • Row Patterns

If the shape of your land is a rectangle, square or something similar, I would highly recommend the row pattern. The easiest and the fastest, it is also the most efficient of them all.

You just need to move your mower in one straight line and upon reaching the end of that patch, you should turn left or right (depending on the lateral end from where you started) and mow down the grass.

  • Circular Patterns

Do not get trouble if you own a circular lawn, in which case you cannot use the row pattern. It would be more efficient and less time-consuming to do the task in a concentric mowing pattern.

You can start from the periphery and mow circularly until you reach the center. This pattern might seem a little more complicated, but it is actually easier to maneuver your mower in a circle since there are no sharp turns.

This pattern is also useful for all rectilinear-shaped lawns and around a tree or a flower bed.

  • Double Spiral Pattern

Mowing in a circular pattern is very efficient but it suffers from one major drawback. Whether you start from the center or the periphery, you are bound to leave an ugly trail of tracks when you move your mower out of the lawn.

In such a situation, adopting the spiral mowing pattern is a more sensible choice. All you need to do is to follow the same method as following the circular pattern but as you reach the center, you need to move back the way you came in the shape of an ‘S.’

In this manner, you will end up reaching the corner which is opposite to the place from where you had initially started.