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Deere & Company, popularly known as John Deere is one of the oldest industrial companies of the United States that manufactures lawn mowers. Its lawn care products are recognized worldwide for the reliability of performance. The john deere lawnmowers are packed with powerful features and are manufactured with a state of the art technology which gives the products a cutting edge over others in the market.

Generally, John Deere lawnmowers come in two types: push or walk behind lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers.
John Deere manufactures two types of walk behind or push mowers: the steel deck mowers and the aluminum deck mowers.

The steel deck mowers are perfect for lawn owners who are looking for an economical, high-quality mulching mower with an option for side discharge or bagging. They have very reliable and high quality features most suited for the lawns.

The John Deere JS30 model comes with an electric start feature while the JS40 model has overhead valves and caster wheels. All JS20, JS30 and JS40 models come with a 21″ steel deck. The 21″ Aluminum deck mowers come with an anti-rust and dent resistant qualities. Its deep deck design is specially featured for better grass cutting.

It is featured with a high quality four-cycle engine for better performance. While the walk behind mower is most suited for small lawns, the riding mowers are ideal for big lawns of half an acre or more. As the riding mower requires very little or no efforts from the operator they are most suited for mowing bigger lawns with long grass without much labor.

These riding mowers are fitted with an edge cutting system for closer and smoother grass cutting. The mower decks are fitted with multiple blades to help cut even coarse grass and weeds. They have a solid foundation with a fully welded heavy gauge steel frame.

Its front axle is made up of cast iron to handle all tough conditions. Its quality materials make it one of the most durable lawnmowers available in the market. The riding mowers are so comfortable to use as it allows the operator to sit on it and enjoy the ride as a fun ride. So your mowing experience can be turned into a joyride.

The 100 series riding mowers are featured with an 18 to 26 hp motor to perform tough mulching and bagging tasks. A few models under this series are the LA 110. LA 120, LA 130 and the LA 140. The EZtrak series mowers have a very high maneuverability, having a zero-turn feature.

The main models are the Z225, Z425, and the Z445. The X series mowers from John Deere are specially featured for special tasks. The X 300 is specialized for greater maneuverability, the X 500 for bigger lawns and terrains and the X 700 for extra heavy duty jobs.

As can be seen John Deere lawnmowers offer a huge range of designs and styles to suit almost any mowing task. In order to find the right John Deere lawnmower for your needs, do some research online and check out the latest models and prices.