8 useful Ways to prevent a lawn mower accidents

According to the National Agriculture Safety Database (NASD), every year around 80000-100000 people has to go to the hospital or an emergency room treatment for injuries about lawn mower accidents. A number of them are hurt enough to require hospital treatment – several lose any organs.
Some accidents involve kids while the others happen to while driving or pushing the lawn mower. Some of the injuries are caused by operator error and could have been avoided. Most of the time a people can avoid these accidents if he or she became some careful about his or her safety or about the maintenance of the machine.Poulan Pro P46ZX, 46 in. 22 HP Briggs & Stratton Zero Turn Riding Mower

We are here giving you some facts to prevent major injuries while operating your lawn mower :

1. Never mow on the wet lawn :

If the lawn mower becomes stuck due to the wetness of the field, never try to run that again. You should wait for the lawn conditions to improve. Do not mow also icy lawns or sharp embankments.

2. Do not allow kids to operate any mower:

No child under 16 should ever operate a riding mower. Do not allow children to ride as passengers on lawn mowers for any reason. Always take care of the kids when they are near a mower.

3. Wear proper clothing when operating a lawn mower:

You should Wear safety gloves or other eye protection while on mowing. If you have a fever, goggles may be a good idea. Wear rough shoes and long pants. strong shoes can help protect against injuries while long pants will protect you from sticks and rocks that may get kicked up by the mower blades. Always allow the mower to cool enough before refueling.

4. Proper maintenance is a must:

You should follow the owners manual for familiar with the controls, safety procedures and maintenance routines of your lawnmower.
You have to confirm that all the bolts are tightened and filters, belts, and safety shields are in their position. Be regular for the yearly maintenance before using the mower, and take it into a professional hand if required.
Do not remove shields or guards on switches or any part while on an operation. Keep the grass collector or mulching bag attached to the mower.

5. Clean the ground:

Remove any stones, sticks, children’s toys or any types of obstacles from the lawn before mowing. Any flying objects from a running lawnmower can cause injury or death.
While checking the lawnmower, make sure the motor is off and cool to the touch before you work on the mower. Don’t touch on the engine after the starting the mower. If you have a gas mower, disconnect the spark plug wire before you start working on it.
Never start a lawnmower in a garage or shed or in any indoor space.  With that, any harmful gas like-Carbon monoxide build-up can cause poisoning.

6. Fuel adding period:

Only add gas when the machine is cool. Adding gasoline to a hot engine can cause an accident, explosion or fire.

7. Keep Your body safe:

Keep your hands and feet away from the sharp blades of the mower. Even if the lawn-mower is turned off. If the blades jam on something, be careful when dislodging it. Removing an obstacle from the blades can cause the blades to start up suddenly, and you don’t want to have your hands in the blades when that happens.
Never leave a running mower unattended for any period of time. Any time that it becomes necessary to work on the mower, turn the mower off and disconnect the spark plug wire.

8. Sharpen the mower blade:

The sharper the mower blades, the more smooth cutting and safely the machine will glide through the grass. Unless blade sharpening is something you routinely do and you’re good at it, have a pro hone your blades. He’ll do a better job and you won’t risk a nasty cut.