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Lawn mowing with the right method  can be difficult if you do not have the right lawn mower. Lawn mowers for hire are available, but you will end up spending a lot of money paying for those machines because grass grows relatively fast.

If you want your lawn to look amazing all the time, consider purchasing a lawn mower for your property.This gives you the chance to cut, trim, bag and much all with one machine.

Electric lawn mowers are effective, require less maintenance, and they offer quality cuts.Confused about which electric lawn mower to buy?

Worry no more because I have provided you with five best electric lawn mowers that are designed to great performance on your lawn.

Things to consider

It is important to understand a few things when you are looking for an electric lawn mower so that you can fall on the right model. Consider some of the following things and you will be guaranteed of a perfect lawn mower that works pretty well.


Basically, electric lawn mowers can be categorized into two, corded electric lawn mowers and cordless electric lawn mowers.

Corded electric lawn mowers are designed to cut a narrower swath of grass so you will not have to more frequently.

The cord-free lawn mowers use an enclosed battery, and they are less bulky as compared to the corded models. These lawn mowers are also emission-free and work incredibly.

Size of your Patch

This is an important thing that you should not forget when you are purchasing a lawn mower.

A less powerful machine can work well on a small-sized patch. Contrary, a larger sized-patch will require a powerful machine so that the grass can be cut well.

Cutting Radius

If a lawn mower has a larger cutting radius the less time you will take to cut the grass. On the other hand, if the machine has a small cutting radius, this means that you spend more time cutting the grass.

Generally, lawn mowers with a large cutting radius are a little pricey as compared to those designed with a small cutting radius.

5 Best Electric Lawn Mower

1. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe Electric Lawn Mower

Maintain your lawn should be easy and this calls for a quality mower that can do the job as expected.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and maintenance-free mower? If this is what you want, go for the Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower.

This mower uses electricity making it very easy to maintain as compared to the models that operate using gas or oil.This is an amazing machine with a powerful motor to provide the needed power to cut the grass in your lawn.

The machine is perfect for small lawns, which keeps them neat and appealing. The machine features durable stainless steel blade combined with height adjustment that provides the best performance.

With just a single pass, the mower offers precise results, and the wide cutting path makes your work done within a few minutes.

Another impressive thing about this mower is its compact design that offers easy maneuverability. This ensures that you overcome all the obstacles on your lawn with ease.

In addition, the compact design and removable bag make it very easy to store the machine when it is not in use.

Feature At a Glance

  • 12 amp, electric motor to quickly and efficiently mow your lawn
  • Easy push button start; no messy oils or gasoline
  • Three-position height adjustment up to 2-2/5 inches
  • Safety auto shut-off tilt valve

2. Black & Decker CM1836  Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers are common in many homes because they are easy to use. With a perfect electric lawn mower, you can keep your yard neat all the time.

The Black & Decker CM1836 18-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is an ideal tool for trimming and maintaining your lawn.

This machine is very environment friendly, it doesn’t produce emissions, and it is also easy to maintain as compared to gas operated machines.

With its one-touch adjustment, you can quickly change the height on all four wheels at once.The best thing about this machine is that you do not necessarily have to do double work when cutting grass.

There is a rear bag that is included to collect the cut grass and leaves. You can use the discharge chute for mulching around your grass to keep it maintained.

For compact storage, this machine features a push-handle that will fold down to save space. Moreover, the lift-through bag design allows convenient emptying and re-attaching.

Feature At a Glance

  • Ideal tool for trimming and maintaining your lawn
  • Lawn up to 1/3 acre
  • One-touch adjustment
  • push-handle

3. Lawn Master CLMB4016K  Electric Lawn Mower

Don’t let the grass around your backyard stay unmaintained when you can keep it trimmed at a desirable height with a lawn mower.

A well-maintained lawn gives your home a good appearance, and it provides a neat and comfortable place where you can spend quality time with loved ones.

machine provides convenient power that allows you to complete the process with a single battery charge.

If you have a medium-sized lawn, this machine will be great. It is easy to use, you just need a push of a button, and the machine can work silently.

This mower brags of iPower display where you can monitor the battery level or control the cutting speed for longer run times.It comes with a 10.5 gallon collecting bag that is easy to install, and it has a capacity indicator.

This means that you can tell when the bag is full of grass and require emptying.You will also enjoy the six cutting positions depending on the height of the grass.

With its high-flow air technology design, you are guaranteed of up to 95 percent collection efficiency.

Feature At a Glance

  • Produces zero emissions
  • Energy Star rated charger
  • 1-touch adjustment
  • 4 wheels simultaneopusly

4. Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ407E Electric Lawn Mower

A good lawn mower should provide you with excellent mowing capabilities and low maintenance.

The machine should not be difficult to handle, and it should also be fuel efficient.Getting a machine that combines all the above factors can be a problem.

Luckily, the Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ407E 20-Inch Electric Lawn Mower has got it all.This is a machine from a reputable company that provides the best lawn mowers designed to meet all your needs and expectations.

This lawn mower is very easy to maintain. You do not require any oil or gas with this mower, which are very expensive to maintain.You will as well enjoy the seven position height adjustment to cut grass depending on the height you want it to be.

This amazing loan mower features durable stainless steel blades that cut grass with precision. This eliminates the chances of having uneven grass in your lawn.After the machine has cut the grass, you do not have to spend time collecting the grass by yourself.

Thankfully, there is a grass bag that holds up to 15.06 gallons of grass, and it detaches easily when you need to dispose the grass.

Feature At a Glance

  • No gas, oil, or tune
  • 7 position manual height adjustment
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable steel blades

5. WORX WG719 Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower

Now that you invested a lot of money creating your yard and planting grass, it is equally important to ensure that you keep the grass short and neatly trimmed.

The best tool that you can use to maintain evenly cut grass is a lawn mower.  

A lawn mower allows you to cut the grass within a very short period of time and offer the best outcomes.This doesn’t mean that all the lawn mowers that are available for purchase will deliver the best results.

You need to get the right machine equipped with the best features for a superb cut. One machine that can never let you down is the WORX WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower.

This is a three-in-one mower that has the ability to mulch, bag and side discharge. This makes the machine outstanding as compared to its competitors on the market.

The machine features a caster wheel design that provides extra maneuverability for an efficient cut.

Again, the mower has multiple height adjustments for various cutting conditions.The handle of the machine is foam padded to provide comfort when you are holding.

In addition, store when it is not in use. The one-touch fully collapsible handle and compact stand up storage make the machine easy to use.

Last but not certainly the least, this lawn mower has a quick connect washout port that ensures the outside of your mower is nice and easy to clean.

Feature At a Glance

  • Caster wheel design
  • Steel cutting deck
  • One-Touch fully collapsible handle
  • Multiple cutting height adjustments

The Bottom Line

Get any of the above electric lawn mowers and provide your lawn with a cool look always. We selected very affordable and quality lawn mowers that will provide you with the desired results to keep your yard neatly maintained.

The machines are equipped with excellent features that make mowing easy and fun. Many people take the appearance of their lawn, a pride and this means maintaining a great look regardless of the season.

Any of the above machines will provide you with the best appearance for your lawn.

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