Lawnmower Safety for Young kids.

Lawnmower Safety


Each year in the summer, some awful injuries happen in gardens throughout the country where children have been hurt in accidents with lawnmowers. So, if you have a lawnmower or machine in your house you should be very careful about Lawnmower safety rules.

whether you have an electric or a petrol lawnmower, you need to take extra care as the number of injuries to children in the USA alone, is estimated to be about 20,000 each year.

Whilst most accidents with a petrol lawnmower seem to be associated with the ride on mowers, they occur with petrol and electric walk behind models too. The following tips are intended to be helpful in preventing similar injuries from happening in your own family.

Important tips for lawnmower safety:

    • Make sure that there is nothing on the lawn that could get caught in the mower blades. Any bits of stone, gravel, twig or even toys should be removed as if they get caught up in the very high-speed rotation of the blades, they will be flung out with tremendous force that can cause a very nasty injury, particularly to the face and eyes.
    • It is perfectly natural that children want to help in the garden and especially that they would want to help to mow the lawn. The guidelines for the safe age for a child to use a mower are, that no child under the age of 12 years should be allowed to use a mower of any kind and that no child under 16 should be allowed to operate a riding lawnmower – and even then, only under supervision.

  • If you enjoy mowing your lawn with your ride on mower, it is easy to understand how appealing these machines are too young children who view them as a great toy and love to sit up with you when you mow. However, it is very dangerous and those children who fall from lawnmowers in this way, often have to suffer the results of the rest of their lives.
  • When you mow your lawn, it is best if your animals and children are indoors where you know they are safe. If this is not possible, emphasize to them that they must play well away from where you need to mow and if you have another family member who can keep an eye on them, so much the better.
  • Try to make sure that the mower you purchase has the sort of handle that, when released, stops the mower from moving forward. You should never drive a mower backward but if you cannot avoid it, exercise extreme care.


It does not matter whether you have a petrol lawnmower or an electric one, mowers attract children like moths to a flame. Most of us would struggle to get the garden chores done without these powered machines but giving some extra thought to garden safety is well worth it.