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During winter, grass around your lawn is likely to grow taller. If you do not have the right machine to cut the grass short, you might end up building a bush.  to solve the issue mow joe lawn mower can be your solution. It can mow the lawn in a sound way.

Everybody wants their lawn to be good looking all the time. This calls for a reliable lawn mower that can tackle simple and difficult tasks and mow the lawn with a short time.

The sun joe electric lawn mower is a reliable machine that can mow the lawn smoothly in your lawn. This is a great unit for small and medium lawns with any type of grass.

The machine provides you with mowing, mulching, and side discharge, making it very versatile. It cuts grass evenly, and you can complete your work within a few minutes, all thanks to the wide cutting path.

This unit is electric powered hence it requires minimal maintenance as compared to other types of machines that use oil or gas.

7 Position Height Adjustments :

Keep your small lawn tidy with this Sun Joe lawn mower that helps you cut grass depending on the height you want to maintain the grass.

With its seven-position height adjustment system, you can make the right height setting manually so that you can change the cutting height conveniently.

Durable Steel Blades :

mow joe lawn mower is designed with sharp and durable blades that leave the grass evenly cut with just a single pass.

The 20-inch steel blade provides a large cutting path hence reducing the amount of time you will spend on the yard cutting grass.

Three-In-One Mower :

This versatile lawn mower has the capability of mowing, mulching and side discharging. You just need to make the necessary adjustments for mulching and side discharge.

The unit is electrically powered so you do not have to worry about gas or oil. In addition, it is also easy to start and has safety features that prevent accidental starts.

12-Amp Motor

If you have a lawn mower to mow the lawn,  has a less powerful motor, it will be difficult to handle tough grasses in your lawn.

This is the main o why this unit features a powerful motor that can tackle any type of grass. The motor provides the required power to bring about the best cutting that leaves your lawn looking great.

Detachable Rear Mesh :      

The lightweight and detachable mesh bag are made to provide you with easy collection and disposal of clippings. After all, you don’t want to leave the grass that has been cut lying all over your lawn.

This machine is ETP-approved, and it is backed up by a full two-year warranty. Feel confident as you purchase the machine to keep your lawn looking neat and well maintained all the time.

Feature at a glance :

  • No gas, oil, or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain
  • 7 position manual height adjustment
  • Maintenance free
  • Grass bag holds 15.06 gallons and detaches easily for convenient disposal
  • Durable steel blades cuts with precision

Pros :

  • The machine is lightweight
  • It is easy to start
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • It is designed with one lever to raise all wheels
  • Low noise level
  • The blades are durable

Cons :

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this lawn mower come with a rear bag? I am looking for a lawn mower that comes with rear bags.

A: I purchased this model, and it came with a rear bag. The machine should come with everything that is included in the description.

Q: How many inches is the blade of this machine?

A: This lawn mower comes with 20-inch. This cuts a large area within a few minutes.

Q: Anybody who has an idea where this mower is made?

A: In reference to the label on the mower, it is indicated that it is from a company in Edison, NJ and also manufactured in China.

Final Verdict

This maintenance-free unit is all you need to keep grass in your yard short. This gives your yard a very appealing look that any visitor coming to your home cannot ignore.