petrol lawn mowers : powerful than the other

petrol lawn mowers

petrol lawnmower

Lawnmowers are indispensable for maintaining your lawn and making them look beautiful and healthy. There are various types of lawnmowers suited for various types of lawns. Lawnmowers are fueled in order to make their machine run so as to spin the blades and cut grass. This fuel can be of various types such as electric, battery or petrol. petrol lawn mowers are one of them.

Petrol lawnmowers are those which use petrol as their fuel for running their motor. These are heavier models than the electric ones and are also more expensive. These are also more powerful than any other lawnmowers.

They start with a pull cord system and generally needs some energy to get them going. There are many types of petrol lawnmowers available. Since these are expensive machines it is recommended that its selection should be done in the right manner.

A good quality petrol lawnmower must be selected so that it can last for many years to come. Rotary Mowers have horizontal spinning blades and are preferred for longer grass. These types of petrol lawnmowers are most suited for hilly terrain lawns.

Cylinder Lawn Mowers are made up of spiral blades which are set on a cylinder and which cuts the grass against a fixed blade. They cut the lawn with the action of a pair of scissors. As a result, the grass is cut very fine and close to the ground giving a very neat finish.

Hover Petrol Lawnmowers have the horizontal cutting blade. They are called hover because they sit on a cushion of air rather than on wheels. These are suited for uneven and sloppy lawns. These are priced low compared to other petrol mowers.

Ride on Petrol Mowers is generally meant for large lawns. Since the user has an opportunity to ride on them and mow the lawn they make lawn mowing an easy task without much labor. They can mow larger areas in minimum time. Although they are expensive, they are extremely beneficial for huge lawns.

Roaming free :

They are free from any electrical cords and so you can roam free with them. There is no electrical line required and no risk of cutting cables while mowing.

More powerful :

Petrol lawnmowers are more powerful than electric mowers or other types of mowers and as such they make lawn mowing an easier task.

disadvantages :

Petrol lawnmowers also have certain disadvantages. With rising petrol prices the running cost of these lawnmowers are very high. Not only is the acquisition price higher but its maintenance costs are also on the higher side. Since they are bulky they have less maneuverability and are also noisier than the other mowers.

Even with these drawbacks, these petrol lawn mowers are extremely useful for big lawns and gardens where otherwise mowing the lawn would have been a very tedious task.