What Size of Petrol Mower Do You Need?

The main factors in choosing the type of Petrol Mower for your requirements are the size of the area of grass you need to cut.T he type of finish you require is also important. It is also kept in mind to take into consideration your own physical health, time constraints and the budget you have available.

For example, if you have half an acre of grass to cut, you may be able to manage perfectly well with a walk-behind cylinder mower. However, if you have a busy job and time is not on your side, you may prefer to choose a ride on a model. This would also be an important consideration if your physical health is making you feel it would be nice to sit down to mow the lawn!

The size of the area of grass:

Petrol Mower

a petrol strimmer

The size of the lawn you have to cut is going to be the most important factor in deciding which lawnmower to buy. You need to consider whether to buy a self-propelled lawn mower or walk behind mower, how powerful you need your mower to be for the area you need to cut and what width of blades would be most suitable.

When choosing a petrol lawnmower, you will notice that the specifications state the size of lawn each particular model is recommended for. Usually in square meters and sometimes, on larger models, in terms of tennis courts or acres.

For reference, a tennis court is approximately 1/6th of an acre which is about 640m². It should be pointed out that the size quoted is often the maximum recommended for any particular model and if your garden is close to this, it might be wise to consider buying the next size model up in a range.

Petrol Mower

a petrol hedge trimmer

If you are choosing a cylinder lawnmower, choose your model by mowing width (which is the width of the area of grass cut at a time). Obviously, the narrower the width, the more times you will need to walk up and down to mow the same area. However, offset against this is the fact that a larger mower is more difficult to maneuver (if for example, you have to mow around trees or garden features in your lawn) and may also be more difficult to get through narrow gateways.

If your lawn is less than half the size of a tennis court, the best size mowing width to choose is around 16” – 18” which is about 40 – 45 cms.
If your lawn is up to around the size of two tennis courts the best size of mowing width is around 20” – 22” which is about 50 – 55 cms.
If your lawn is up to around the size of four tennis courts the best size of mowing width is greater than 21” or 52 cms and you will also need a more powerful model.
If your lawn is greater than the size of four tennis courts, you should seriously consider buying a ride on the lawnmower or a lawn tractor.

The Power of each model is linked to the size of the cutting width, so by choosing a wider width, you will be getting a more powerful engine. The power is usually given in horsepower (BHP) and the usual range for Petrol Lawnmowers is between two and seven BHP. It is probably worth choosing the most powerful model available in the range for the cutting width you require as this will not only get the job done quicker and easier but will also extend the life of your machine.

Other petrol driven equipment:

If you are using a Petrol Lawnmower in your garden, you may wish to look at other petrol driven equipment, I have provided two links here, as other vital pieces of equipment are a petrol strimmer and a petrol hedge trimmer. A petrol strimmer is invaluable for tidying up rough grass and undergrowth around trees and hedges and for border edges. A petrol hedge trimmer is worth its weight in gold in a large garden as a trailing electric cord is an absolute liability when cutting hedges. Both of these are versatile and useful machines for your garden.