push manual lawn mowers reviews: best for a small lawn

push manual lawn mowers reviews

push manual lawn mower

Lawnmowers are becoming an essential gadget for homes with lawns. A lawn with long grass and not maintained properly gives the look of a jungle whereas a lawn with beautifully trimmed grass can make your house look more beautiful. push manual lawn mowers reviews are available nowadays but the easiest to use and least expensive ones are the manual lawn mowers.

They are nonelectric without using any fuel and as such are non-polluting. They are the push type mowers in which the user needs to walk behind the mower and push it with some force. Manual lawn mowers are quite inexpensive and are most ideal for small lawns. Generally, the mowers come in two types: reel mowers and rotary mowers.

Manual lawn mowers have many advantages attached to them. They are:-

    • Since there is no motor, there is no maintenance and no fear of breakdown.  The mower just needs to be oiled and the blades sharpened.

  • The manual reel type mowers are generally do not make a big sound. So you can mow your grass at any time of your ease without worrying about the disturbing neighborhood.
  • Since these are the push type ones requiring some energy on the part of the operator, it gives quite a bit of exercise to him thus helping him stay fit. People use gardening as a hobby to stay fit. Nowadays, the manual mowers are not very heavy which will exhaust the user.
  • The manual mowers are able to give a better cut to grass as their blades cut the grass form very close to the ground. Even spots of lawn not easily accessible can be reached with the help of these mowers as they are quite light and easy to lift.

However, these lawnmowers have certain disadvantages attached to the also:

    • Since there is no motor, pushing the mower may usually tire the user and exhaust his energy if the area of the lawn is big. They are not suitable for big lawns.

  • These lawn mowers are unable to cope up with long grass, so if you are using a manual lawn mower you need to mow your lawn more frequently, say once a week.
  • If there are enough weeds in the ground then manual lawn mowers become ineffective. So they cannot be used in vacant lots with lots of weeds in it.
  • The sticks usually get stuck in the blades as the manual force is not big enough to cut the sticks, so in these cases, you have to bow down and remove the sticks with your hands.

So, we can sum up that these mowers are best for small lawns where it is used by people who have a craving for gardening and spend some time in shaping up their lawns.