The Comparison between a Reel Mower and Circular Blade Mowers

Is reel mower better than circular blade mowers?

circular blade mowers?

As a homeowner, one of the areas that you need to maintain on a regular basis is your lawn. It enables you to give it a clean and manicured look, which makes your home appealing. It means you need to know what to consider when buying your lawn mower.


Reel Mower —

  • When choosing the best type of lawn mower to work on your warm season grass, for example, Kentucky blue, pabulum, hybrid Bermuda, Aloysius, and bent grass consider using a reel mower. The reason is that the long runners need to tack themselves down to the ground. It means the reel mower’s vacuum lift will vacuum up the thatch and stolons that contribute to the thick lawn.
  • A reel mower is suitable for these grass varieties as they are cut shorter than the way circular blade mowers will cut. This device also has a bed-knife that snips each glass blade. That’s compared to circular blade mowers that must have an almost razor-sharp blade to cut the upper third of each glass blade.
  • Reel mowers are commonly used in golf greens and areas that have high quality, high input turfgrass. However, if you want to maintain a stand of turfgrass, reel mowers are not ideal as they don’t spin fast enough to achieve a uniform effect.

Circular blade mower —

# Circular blade mowers  are more durable and don’t cut indiscriminately. You can use them to cut several varieties of grass including rye, fescue, KY blue, rougher varieties of zoysia, St. Augustine and common Bermuda.

##One area that you can use circular blade mowers is on uneven lawns. The reason is that they can cut longer without needing backslapping or sharpening of their blades.

What to Consider —

When cutting grass, for example, on your lawn, bear in mind that the type of lawn mower you should choose depends on the variety of grass, the effects that you desire to get and your budget. The skills and knowledge of the mower operator should also be of importance.

Conclusion —

If you were searching for an answer to the above question; is reel mower better than circular blade mowers? The above informative post on their benefits and downsides should make it easier for you to make a decision. Bear in mind that the type of grass, experience with lawnmowers, desired effects and your budget estimates should be the guiding factors.