riding mower for large lawns

riding mower for large lawns

riding mower

For homeowners with a big and spacious lawn, a riding lawnmower is a dream buy. It looks like a small tractor and makes mowing large lawns easy and less tiring. For people owning a big lawn of about a quarter of an acre or more, riding mower for large lawns is ideally suited for good maintenance of the lawn. Frequent mowing of the lawn becomes less troublesome with the help of this gadget.

Riding lawn mowers are attached with horizontal rotating blade systems fitted with several blades for clean mowing of the lawn. The engines in the small riding lawn mowers are fitted in the rear, usually mounted under the rider’s seat. The engines for the medium-sized mowers with a higher horsepower are usually fitted in the front.

The size of the mowers and their engine capacity are designed according to the area of the land for which they are made.

Before deciding upon the purchase of a riding lawnmower, one must judge the area on which mowing will be carried out. In short, what are the size and the landscape of the lawn?

For bumping or hilly lawns, a higher horsepower is suggested while on a flat field of less than an acre the smaller one with the least horsepower engine will suffice. The power for these mowers usually varies between 17-24 horsepower. The turning radius of the mower, the blade sizes and the position of the engine all play a crucial role in judging which riding lawn mower will be most suited for your lawn.

The main advantage of the riding lawn mowers lies in the fact that they are able to mow larger areas in lesser time without much labor. These mowers are beautiful and attractive to look at and can be an owner’s pride. Electric models of the mowers which come with batteries are usually quiet and do not make much noise while working.

Apart from these benefits, the main disadvantage attached to these types of lawn mowers is their high cost, which usually makes them out of reach of people with moderate means. Not only is their acquisition cost high but the maintenance cost attached to these lawn mowers are also on the higher side.

The gasoline or petrol models of riding mowers are quite noisy and also create pollution due to the mower petrol engine. These mowers are less suited for lawns with a large number of trees and stumps as operating becomes quite difficult under those circumstances.

The engines which are mounted below the driver’s seat create a lot of vibration making it a bit uncomfortable for him to operate. With all its bundled advantages and disadvantages we can sum up by saying that these riding lawn mowers are most suited for them who desires quicker, faster and cleaner lawn mowing and for whom cost is no major cause of concern.