rough cut mower is compact and easy

The rough cut mower is one of the most convenient devices invented some time during the latter half of the 19th century. The lawnmower is the humble model powered by human muscles. But with the industrial revolution mowers became self-propelled either by electricity with cords or by batteries. Rough cut mowers are the big brothers in the mower family doing all the rough tough jobs of mowing through rough terrain. Some of these are hand operated also.

rough cut mower

a rough cut mower

The Scout rough cut mower is a sturdy workhorse – compact and easy to handle in comparison to the larger varieties. It is the right thing for small properties. The Scout 7 HP heavy-duty model (88.5 kg) has a 26″ cutter-decker and is suitable for cropping in between trees where the width is an important factor.

Another model with the same specifications has 26″ deck but 42″ mowing deck. It is used for tackling fine grass.
The 57″ rough cut mower that is towed is capable of various functions like handling heavy brush and elephant grass, large fields, and pastures or plots. It can be used simply as a trail cutter. The size of the engines differs from model to model.

The blade engagement and clutch methods also vary. AcrEase brands have the highest horsepower and are able to cut the widest area. These are fitted with ATV tongue. The latter is simple to fix or remove.

In some models, the clutch is manually operated but the option of using an electric clutch is also provided for. The standard models are provided with 2 cranks infinite and adjustable height system (2″ to 8″). Here again, there is the option of purchasing an electrically operated lift kit.

The gas tank has a capacity of 3 gallons that permits a mowing time up to 3 hours. It can be electrically started and for the sake of safety the battery box is located at the rear.

The Predator rough-cut mower is self-propelled. One can walk behind it to clear dense and thick undergrowth and saplings/trees ranging up to a diameter of 1-1/2″. In an hour 2/3 acres can be cleared. The engine is 11.5 Briggs and Stratton. The cutting deck is 24″ heavy-duty. An operation is fairly easy with the handlebars being conveniently positioned.

The design is ergonomic and allows for the minimum of stress on the arms and hands. The pneumatic tires are so designed so as to smoothly roll over the rough landscape. The four-speed set up is provided with a reverse system. The front and sides are fitted with deflectors as safety devices to protect the operator from flying rubbish.

The blade to is fitted in such a way that the maximum safety is provided. The traction tires are of the very best quality and sealant-filled. The rough cut mower transforms itself into an amphibious animal when fitted with a wetlands-kit. This easy to install kit makes it ideal for marshy regions.

As you can see the rough cut mower is a great tool to tame nature, and really only needs to be used where the plot of land is fairly large and the grass or vegetation to be cleared is very thick. To find more information on rough cut mowers take the time to visit many of the websites dedicated to mowers for the domestic lawn to rough terrain.