self propelled lawn mowers : easy way to cut grass

self propelled lawn mowers

self-propelled lawn mower

If you are fond of gardening and own a beautiful lawn in your house, then the lawn mower is an essential item for you. With the help of a self-propelled lawn mowers, for an average size lawn- the simplest and easiest way to cut grass is.

Medium sized mower :

It is a medium sized mower with features which allows the user to stand behind it and walk along with it holding a lever. It does not require much effort from the user as they don’t have to push it. It has components which move its rear wheels and allow the mower to move on its own.

The operator has to squeeze a bar like a lever and control the direction of movement of the mower. When the lever is pressed the blades start spinning and the wheels take off. When you want to stop the blades from rotating the lever has to be released.

Easy to move while uncut :

There are high-end self-propelled mowers where on releasing the lever the blades stop rotating, but the wheels keep moving which allows the user to transport the mower from one end to another without cutting the grass. This is most useful when you need to leave a patch of grass uncut and just want the mower to cross over it.

Variable speed feature :

TheseĀ self-propelled mowers also come with variable speed features in which the operator is also able to adjust the speed according to his requirement.

Four-wheel drive :

For lawns with different types of terrains like hilly, flat and slopes this feature is of great use. They also come with front wheel drive and rear wheel drive. The rear wheel drive is more useful for taller and tougher grass as it provides the capacity for better maneuverability.

The mulching bag options :

These mowers include the mulching bag options for placing it in the side or in the rear of the mower. They also come with electric start, height adjustments and rustproof deck features. The motor capacity is also variable depending upon the area and the frequency of mowing.

These self-propelled lawn mowers are most suited for use in homes as they require fewer efforts. With bagging and mulching options and electric start features, they are becoming favorites of more and more households. They are also very helpful for cutting taller grass and grass in the slopes with little effort.

Cons :

However, these are known to make a very high sound and create pollution while working. This is detrimental in residential areas as people in the neighborhood may get disturbed with your mowing activities.