Self-propelled vs Push Mower|| Which One Should Buy?

Mowers are usually used for making your lawn look fine and beautiful. In our today’s discussion, we are going to talk about two major types of mowers. We are going to present you the comparison between a self-propelled mower and a push mower. Basically, it depends on your demands whether a self-propelled or push one can satisfy you. That is why you have to judge a product according to your demands. Now, we are going to present some points that can help you choose the winner of so-called “self-propelled vs push mower” battle. So, without any delay, let’s talk about some facts that can clarify your choice of the mower.Self-propelled vs Push Mower

Size of the Lawn :

The size of your lawn matters a lot. If you are having a small or medium lawn (around 2000 feet^2), then you can buy a push mower. It will save your money. Sometimes it will even help you to stay fit. Walking with your mower is similar to have a walk to keep your body fit and active. Sometimes, even push mowers can be used to clean your lawn if you are able to buy a strong and durable one.

But in modern days, people do want to finish their job quickly and easily. When you have a large backyard or lawn along with a healthy budget for a mower then buy a good self-propelled one.

User’s health :

Not that much important but still, you have to think about this point. If you are healthy and active then you are allowed to buy a push mower. You will need to burn calories to push a mower on whole lawn.

If you don’t want to put much effort and energy into cutting the grasses, then a self-propelled mower will be always there for you. Even when you are tired and want to spend some time in your lawn, you can use a self-propelled mower to clean your lawn. You just have to tell the machine where to go. It will then finish the job smoothly without breaking your back.

Budget :

The most important thing that you have to decide before buying any product. You have to think of the amount you are going to spend on your mower.

If your budget is quite fat, then don’t hesitate to buy a self-propelled mower. After getting several facilities, you will consider the mower worth buying.

But if you are thinking to spend less and do some hard works too, then you are free to buy a push mower. Our recent research says that you can save almost 200 USD by buying a push mower than buying a self-propelled one.

Weight :

The weight of a mower matters too. You cannot ignore this fact so easily.

If you feel comfortable while using a mower which is light, then you must buy a push mower. Nowadays, you can easily find a push mower weights less than 40 pounds. The range of the weight of push mowers is around 15 to 35 pounds.

If weight doesn’t matter a single bit, then why should you not buy a self-propelled mower? We agree that this type of mower weights 10 or 15 pounds heavier than push ones, but it will also provide you with some great services too.

Speed :

We all are this much intelligent to understand that a push will go fast you push it harder. It mainly depends on your effort and strength.

The minimum speed of any self-propelled mower is more than 2 miles/hour. It has an adjustment feature that lets you adjust the speed of the engine according to your wish. But many users have found the speed adjustment feature failing after a few years of use.

Some Frequently Asked Questions–

# Which type of mower needs much maintenance?

ANSWER:  It is obvious that a self-propelled mower requires more maintenance than push mowers. The life of the battery depends on how much you take care of it. The blade of the device might fail to cut grass if you don’t sharpen it properly before using.

# Does a mower cut grass like scissors?

ANSWER:  Why not? Any quality mower can cut grass decently to give your lawn an attractive look. Experts will always suggest you buy mowers after seeing the blades. The performance matter on blades mainly. You have to sharpen your blades frequently for better performance.

# Will the maintenance of any mower cost me extra?

ANSWER:  if you are able to use a mower properly then you don’t need a single penny until you have to change a part of it. Even a self-propelled mower needs to change batteries after 5 or more years of use. You just have to avoid using a mower roughly. Then, you have to invest anything extra for maintaining the performance for a long time.

Mowers are invented to help you make your lawn or backyard look beautiful and clean. Today, we gave you a comparison between two types of mowers. Both types of mowers are useful and effective. But you have to buy only that type which you can afford and capable of fulfilling your demands. We already told you that the winner of the battle, self-propelled versus push mower will depend on your choice. So, it will be a humble request to all the buyers to take time and think wisely before buying any product.