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snapper lawn mower reviews

snapper lawn mower

snapper lawn mower produces by Snapper Inc, which have a wide range of lawn mowers which are very easy to use and maintain. Their products are well known for durability, high quality and work efficiency.Snapper lawn mower reviews can broadly be divided into two categories: walk behind lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers.

Types of snapper mower :

The snapper walk behind mowers generally are of two types, which are

  • the push mower and

  • the self propelled mower.

These walk behind mowers are marketed by Snapper Inc. under the Easy Speed and the Easy Line names. Models from the Easy Speed line have a disc wheel drive connecting the engine power directly to the wheels facilitating easy movement of the wheels.

There are Hi-Vac Bagging mowers which have a top discharge deck and a high lift blade for optimum bagging performance. These can be easily converted into mulching or side discharge systems. The High Wheel mower model has 12-inches rear wheel and 8 inches front wheel. It has a 26-inch mower deck and has both mulching and bagging options.

There is one rear discharge mower model which has a grass discharge system and bag fitted in the rear so that the user can have an easy look at the amount of grass cut and the level of bag filled. The grass is bagged by an inbuilt sucking system incorporated in the mower.

Another very useful mower model is the mulching mower model which comes with the Ninja mulching system. They are available in 19-inch or 21-inch models. These models churn the grass by cutting and re-cutting it into fine mulch. All these walk behind Snapper lawn mowers come in both push system and the self propelled system.

User has the choice to opt according to his requirement and budget. The Easy line models come with a Briggs & Stratton Engine with single speed and variable drive system.

The Snapper Riding lawn mowers are an ultimate choice for big lawns where one can cut without putting much of physical labor and effort in. They come with the rear engine drive with 3 way discharge options. One can bag, mulch or side discharge as per the user’s suitability.

The RE200 model is a very effective model with power packed features. They come with automatic transmission and hand speed control. They have a 30-inch cutting width and are fitted with 13-inch front and 16-inch rear turf tyres. It comes with a firm frame which is pivoted at one end and free at the other end to adjust with all the contours of the ground.

The steering is very responsive and the small turn radius gives a good usability  to the driver. As you can see, Snapper lawn mowers offer a wide range of options to suit almost any type of lawn.

In order to make an informed choice about the full range of Snapper lawn mower, visit some of the many lawnmower vendor websites in order to get the latest lawnmower information.