Top power Source types of lawn mowers

types of lawn mowers

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Here we will provide you with some data about the power source of the Lawn mower as well as different types of lawn mowers, which will make it easy for you to make a sound and suitable decision.

There are three major types of power sources for lawn mowers –

Gasoline :gasoline lawn mower

Gas powered mower engines are usually the most powerful. They are specifically useful when the lawn is large, or when there are too many obstacles on the lawn. Gas lawn mowers work effectively on the slope, around trees or bushes. Even when the lawns are thick. Gasoline engines are particularly useful when the mower has wheels, which require extra power.  On the other hand, they can be quite noisy and not very Eco-friendly. Also, they require annual maintenance to operate efficiently.

Battery :Battery-operated mowers

Battery-operated mowers are the most convenient lawn mowers as long as they are used to mow small lawns. They produce a little noise and easily rechargeable. The area covered by these lawn mowers directly depends on the battery capacity. Unlike the corded electric engines, these lawn mowers can be carried to mow the grass in areas where there is no power supply, only to be recharged later. They do not produce any smoke, fumes, or smell. They make use of clean energy and are Eco-friendly too. On the other hand, because of the presence of the battery, they can be quite heavy. Although, not as powerful as the gas engines, battery-operated mowers are pretty convenient, and efficient.

Corded Electric :

Corded Electric lawn mowerA corded electric lawn mower requires a regular power supply from an electric source. A typical corded electric lawn mower can be a wheel type or hover type mower. This lawn mower is best suited to mow lawns that are small, and free from any obstacles. Since they are neither powerful engines like gasoline ones nor run on a battery, they can be quite lightweight and convenient to use. On the other hand, they are constrained by the cord to only operate in areas that are near to a power source. In fact, the cord makes the mowing quite tough since the user has to take care that it does not come under the blades. That being said, the clean energy, absence of fumes and smell, and its noiseless operation are a huge plus.

Conclusion :

If you have never bought a lawn mower before, this is a tip for you.  You must only see it as something you use to get you going in the right path. Other guides will help you to look through different types of lawn mowers based on your needs. Take it one step at a time and you will eventually find the lawn mower of your dreams that will allow you to have the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood.