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If u want to feel a sports feelings to mow your lawn, probably you really need a zero turn lawnmower or ZTM. It is one of the popular lawn mowers nowadays for a cut around all the obstacles on the lawn area. It can turn zero-degree-turn-radius. It means that it can turn on its own width and can make a 180-degree turn. It can be driven much faster than similar regular riding lawn mowers. If u have a lot of trees and turns on your ground, A good quality ZTM can be your best friend. It can save yourself a lot of money and downtime if you can do some necessary maintenance work.


  • The best part of a ZTM is it can turn on its own width. That means instead of driving around the round it can make a 180-degree turn.
  • A ZTM can turn can turn faster and mow at faster as well.
  • As because of its specialty it missed a less on mowing period.
  • A driver of a ZTM can see everything from the driving seat. Since usually there is no engine or hood in front of the mower.


  • Usually it consumes more fuel for its bigger motor.
  • It cost a lot more with compare to another mower.
  • Difficult to work on it in case of any types of mechanical problem.
  • It leaves ruts in the yard.
  • If u not remain conscious it tear up the turf during a tight lawn.
  • like other lawn mower and it can’t hold as many attachments.
  • If it stuck it is much harder to get out cause of its small front tires.

How fast you can mow with a Zero -Turn Mower:

Zero-turn mowers are hyped for their ability to cut a higher rate of speed and turn sharper than a straight lawn mower. the ground speed of a machine determines how fast the machine will travel go through on a lawn and is rated in miles or km per hour. Throttle speed is separated and ground speed determines how fast the blades of the rotating machine. Recommended turf manufacturers perform accelerated speed at full speed in all uses, but they do not identify ground speeds. A good rule of scan is to hear how the engine of a zero turn mower works, and to prevent tipping mower, always slow down at the end of each line before a zero curve.

Correct speed:

A zero – turn mower does not come with certain information about how swiftly it should be conducted during cutting, but two signs that it is conducted very quickly are stretch marks and scalping. Listing is when the grass foil cutter leaves uncut, and scalping is when pulled along the cutting deck and cut the grass as close to the ground leaving bare or thin spots. Cut at a slower rate of speed and can prevent streaks scalping.

No Mulching speed :

A zero standard -Turn deck mowing the grass side discharge, spreading them evenly over the field, makes every pass. A model zero turn has a higher ground speed 7 mph when moving forward to 5 mph in reverse. Cut, or cut, the speed depends on the grass’ height and thickness. Zero model Operator’s Manual instead advises not to cut more than 1 centimeter in the grass on a pass and trying to find the ground speed at which the engine does not get bogged down. If you need to cut more than 1cm grass, then make more than one pass on the grass. If the machine has a manual transmission, third gear is the highest gear to run while mowing.

Mulching speed:

Cuts grass several times under the deck cutter before discharging it does for the lawn. The process produces smaller, grass clippings indentations less noticeable than without the cover. It requires a lot of power and is reached by running the cutter at full throttle and half of the ground speed used when not mulching the clippings. If you find 6 mph is the best speed for non-mulching mowing, then mulch at 3.5 mph or less. Set the cutting deck -Turn zero so that no more than 3/4-inch blades of grass is removed in one pass. Try to find the right mix of ground speed and platform height cutter. The speed also depends on the weather, and the grass must be dry to properly mulch.

Slope speed:

Do not use a zero – turn mower on a slope exceeding 15 degrees. At least one manufacturer zero cutter turn, recommended cutting a side slope by side instead of up and down, with its zero turning radius mower. Also, when cutting grass on a slope, cut at a slower rate than at ground level, cut at a rate that you will not need to speed up or slow down and when cutting the grass is dry. Cut at a speed that does not cause the cutter to jump around and lose traction. Turn on a slope up and at a slower rate than during cutting.